1. @DCB ~ Work from home sound designer/musician
    Creates a new genre of music called "hambient" which is short for happy ambient. He gets to work from home, snuggle his puppy, live an introvert's dream and then be ready for me to host or drag him to parties every other evening of the week. His songs are often used in commercials, tv shows and movies. (He'll also meal plan, cook and clean but now I'm floating into my dreamland instead of his.)
  2. @justjills ~ University Consultant
    Jill will travel around to universities to understand and evaluate the staff culture and overall inner workings of each school. She will be able to offer constructive advice on how the schools can become more pleasant work environments which will increase productivity and employee loyalty. I imagine she would live at each school for up to a year. Best part of her job would be telling presidents, deans and other higher ups to stop being dicks and then help them be overall better bosses.
  3. @classyAF ~ Personal Stylist
    April will have a high-end client list who require her assistance with designing beautiful closets full of clothes that fit well, work well and are made well. She will put together digital scrapbooks of possible outfits. She will advise clients on what colors to wear during what season and which trends to try and which to trash. She will often be contacted by celebs to offer advice on their award show ensembles. Her side job will be naming streets in new neighborhoods.
  4. @dancelittlejean ~ Expressive Arts Therapist and Retreat Center Owner
    Jess will run an expressive arts camp that will double as a clinic for those struggling with mental health & eating disorders. The grounds will be a sprawling tree-filled campus close to hike-able mountains. Her staff will be highly trained, deeply caring and extremely funny. Not only will it be a place of healing & growth for those already struggling, Jess will also teach groups of very young girls how to arm themselves against the negative mom & the media's influence. She writes books galore.
  5. @mbmurray23 ~ College Professor (Life Studies)
    Prof Murray will teach a new brand of class offered in every US university. His hand-crafted curriculum will cover these topics: citizenship (registering to vote & how to engage in political discussions without being an ass) , finances (higher ed will finally equip people to do their own taxes and create & follow a personal budget), how to treat members of the opposite sex, and how to fix things around your house. He will basically train up a new generation of helpful, kind humans.
  6. @iammeghanmurray ~ Non-Profit President
    Meghan will run an organization which helps women of all ages who are in need of refuge. Imagine a beautiful Victorian home where the downstairs is a restaurant run by the tenants, the upstairs are private rooms but with one big common area where the women meet for non-lame bonding exercises and prayer. Meghan teaches them about self-love, self-care, & how to make and enjoy beautiful and healthy foods. She helps them get jobs and start independent lives.
  7. @samdouken ~ Poet Laureate
    Sam will be the youngest Poet Laureate in the history of the world. He'll also become something of a pop figure that brings poetry back into the public eye as a relevant form of self expression. He'll speak and teach at businesses, government ceremonies, graduations and maybe there will be the first ever Super Bowl halftime show featuring a poet. His work will inspire a new deepness and vulnerability in humans and we'll all be better individuals and a better society because of his influence.
  8. @luchag ~ Physicist/Judge
    Luis lives a double life. From 9-5 he is a physicist that discovers something called super quark that creates a reusable energy source and effectively ends climate change, at night he is a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.
  9. @Cara_duhh ~ New Oprah
    Oprah and Cara have a chance encounter at an orphanage in Guatemala. Oprah is inspired by Cara's big mouth and bigger heart. She trains her, sets her up with a talk-show and eventually bequeaths her the O Empire.
  10. @jennamo ~ Chemist
    Jenna discovers a new element (idk if that's even possible???) and also takes over as co-CEO of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization.