1. Benedict
    Fancy and delicious AF.
  2. Omelette
    I love any pouch-shaped food that hides more food inside.
  3. Poached
    I just decided to call this The Naked Benedict! And that alone earns it a top three placement.
  4. Over Medium
    I grew up calling this dip-in eggs. Because you dip your toast in. And when the yolk is all sopped up you get to enjoy the whites. Preferably with a dash of salt and pepper. Over medium eggs are also amazing on sandwiches. My husband calls it a booby trap because the yolk explodes upon first bite.
  5. Deviled
    Deviled eggs make me think of parties and I love both of those things but there are never enough deviled eggs at parties! I only ever eat 1 or 2 so as to save some for others but my preferred serving size of deviled eggs is 4 to 6.
  6. Hard Boiled
    Hard-boiled eggs always remind me of Easter and dying eggs with my family. A great snack. Healthy-ish. Filling. Sometimes gets stuck like putty in my throat.
  7. Soft Boiled
    This is big in Europe I think. I love it but can almost never master that perfect level of boiledness. This gets extra points for the adorable cup.
  8. Scrambled
    A giant bowl of fluffy scrambled eggs always reminds me of Girl Scout camp breakfasts and brings joy to my heart. Easiest way to make eggs and therefore, kind of boring.
  9. Egg Drop Soup
    Warm, delicious, good for putting those little crunchy things in it. Hard to transfer when picking up take out.
  10. Quiche
    An egg pie! I always have high hopes for quiche but in the end I'm usually underwhelmed.
  11. Egg Salad
    Pretty yummy but will definitely earn you shady looks at the lunch table.
  12. Over Hard
    Basically a fully fried egg, right? Good. Nothing spectacular but also good on a sandwich if you don't want to mess with the mess of an over-medium booby trap.
  13. Over Easy
    I'm all for runny yolks but if I see even a little bit of clear goopy whites, I'm outta there.
  14. Sunny Side Up
    Slightly different from over easy because you never flip it. Too much gooey whites for me.