1. My inspiration board
    Quotes, calendars, pics and art
  2. Bulletin board
    Paint chips are my decoration of choice.
  3. Library
    98% donations. 100% loved.
  4. Mini busts
    Composers and presidents. Bonus: Lego creations
  5. Hat collection
    See all of them here: MY HAT COLLECTION
  6. Bee hive
    My dad found it behind his work and hung it for me. He's the best.
  7. Student art
    The funkier the better.
  8. Turtle shell
    Acquired at a flea market for $10.
  9. SmartBoard
    This lovely lady is a bit temperamental but when she's on point my life is smooth sailing.
  10. Mini fridge
    Keeping my lunch chilled and belly happy for the past four years.