{Please sing/rap this in the style of a Hamilton song. Thnx.}
  1. List App went live seven months ago
  2. I downloaded it fast and I didn't lay low
  3. I started listing all the things that I'd had in my head
  4. For years and years but had nowhere yet said
  5. I listed my heart out and didn't hold back
  6. I tried to be a positive force in the middle of the pack
  7. I reached out and double tapped and relisted with abandon
  8. I wrote and wrote and so grew my cannon
  9. This place is a haven
  10. This place is like Harlem
  11. Can you sense what I'm sensing?
  12. A Renaissance is a comin'
  13. My mind has been opened to see things anew
  14. To hell with tone policing and meninism, too
  15. It's the first time I've felt the goodness that can come
  16. From connecting via the wide web and how that web can be like home
  17. We carry our burdens and lift each other up
  18. We celebrate the triumphs and call it out when things are fucked
  19. Your color, your age, your comma preference aside
  20. We aim for tolerance but don't always get it right
  21. This community is full of people
  22. And as such it will be
  23. Imperfect
  24. Chaotic
  25. Overwhelming
  26. Yet sweet
  27. If in a year's time my love and devotion has waned
  28. I'll still be better off for the li.st friends I have made
  29. Keep sharing
  30. Keep writing
  31. Keep being so you
  32. All my darlings here now and the new listers too