Requested by Jill


  1. Bilbo's home in the Shire
    Coziness factor is through the grass-covered roof. Cool doors, stocked pantry, agrarian community. I'm in.
  2. The Banks' home in Father of the Bride
    I grew up in a teeny tiny house. This was what my white picket-fenced dreams were made of. Bonus: If I lived here I was convinced I'd be good at basketball like the daughter.
  3. The Banks' home in Mary Poppins
    Only if Mary is there, tbh. Pluses: London, park nearby. Minuses: cannon guy next door.
  4. Hagrid's Hut
    I'm a simple girl with simple needs. Bonuses: view of the trees, MAGIC. Downsides: all the animals, climbing that big ass hill up to the castle.
  5. Hometree in Avatar
    I like trees. Other notable trees in which I'd live: Mr. Tumnus' house in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Swiss Family Robinson's dope-ass tree house, and the Lost Boys' tree house in Peter Pan/Hook. ALSO, Tink's house in Hook!!
  6. The Burrow
    Basically I like cozy, quirky places. Bonus: Molly's cooking. Minuses: none whatsoever.
  7. V's secret lair in V for Vendetta
    Priceless art, croque monsieurs for breakfast, sticking it to the man. Minus: no natural light.
  8. Amelie's apartment
    Colorful, oddball neighbors, PARIS
  9. Roger and Anita's flat in 101 Dalmatians
    The decor, LONDON, you'd have Roger playing music in the background all day, the house keeper. Downside: all the dogs