Alternate title: A rundown of who does which chores at Chez Berryhill.
  1. Dishes: Both of us
    Why are there always so many dishes?
  2. Laundry: We each do our own
    He normally washes towels and I take care of baby Ellie's laundry. (And by take care I mean I hope she grows out of clothes before I have to wash them.)
  3. Cooking: Me
    And I hate it.
  4. Grilling: Me
    And I love it.
  5. Taking out the trash: Both
    But Daniel rolls the bins to and from the curb
  6. Sweeping: Daniel
  7. Bathrooms: Me
    Daniel maybe once a year?
  8. Vacuuming: Mostly me
  9. Checking the oil in my car: Daniel
  10. Changing the air filters: Daniel
    He's religious about this.
  11. Taxes/Finances: Together
    But he pays any bills that aren't autodrafted.
  12. Childcare: We both work but he has the morning duty since I leave so early. Then in the evenings I'm more in charge of feeding, bathing, etc.
  13. Mowing the lawn: Epic battles, wars of attrition, and major negotiations take place before this evil task is doled out
    This week he's mowing because I walked his dog one night when he was too tired to do it. Worth it.
  14. Overall, it feels pretty even. I get really bitter really quickly if I feel I'm doing too much.
    Yet at the same time, I expect grace and understanding from him when I have an exhausting week and therefore do zero dishes.
  15. The only thing I would change is that if I cook dinner I should get an automatic pass on cleaning up afterwards.
  16. I don't really have a point to all this. My hope for anyone is that they find a partner who complements their chore preferences.
  17. Balance and equality is important to me but I know many families where the wife does the majority because the husband works a traditional job.
  18. On the other hand, I know a few families in which the husband does the housekeeping.
  19. Whatever arrangement is settled upon should leave each person feeling cared for and appreciated.
  20. Something seemingly small like not turning your dirty socks right-side-out can lead to massive marital issues.
  21. Maybe today clean something for your partner you never have before.
    Just please don't expect a cookie or an award. That nullifies the kind act.
  22. Happy cleaning, y'all! 💚🚽🗑🍳👕