Hard facts, y'all. I'm broke right now and it reminds me of where I've been. Silver lining: empathy out the eyeballs for others who've been there too or who are stuck there now.
  1. Free & reduced lunch
  2. Cars that always break down
  3. Hand-me-downs
    Secondhand sneakers are the worst
  4. Not being able to take dance or gymnastics
  5. Mom crying on the phone with the bank
    Straight out of a movie, I swear
  6. L A Y A W A Y
    @ Kmart
  7. Your friends could never come over because their parents thought your neighborhood was unsafe
  8. Window AC units instead of fancy central heating and air
  9. Solidarity with your siblings
  10. Getting in trouble in middle school for wearing short shorts
    And being too ashamed to explain to administrators that you actually just grew too fast and your parents can't buy you new clothes yet
  11. Mooching off everyone else's plates when you went out to eat with your high school friends
  12. Riding the bus years after all your friends bc your parents couldn't buy you a car
  13. Bumming rides off of people all through high school
  14. Feeling a little smug about not having things handed to you
    Says the white girl
  15. College loans