1. Today a few of us listers met at the Out of the Darkness walk in honor of Biz.
    The walk is put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  2. We met and chatted and hugged and generally enjoyed the beautiful day.
  3. Honestly, the sting of Biz' passing had worn off. I signed up for this in the first stages of grief. Today I was worried it would be more than a little awkward because well, what even are we? Friends? Strangers? A random collection of people who are mourning a stranger's death?
  4. But before the walk began we heard from a few speakers who had lost loved ones to suicide. They shared about all the good and healing that comes from meeting together.
  5. It was beautiful to hear these strangers share their deepest hurts and tell their stories and to see how they're helping others overcome.
  6. AND GUYS. THAT'S WHAT WE DO HERE. Maybe I'll never see your face or hear your beautiful voice but when we share and offer pieces of our past and our hopes for the future, we are healing and growing and connecting and IT IS BEAUTIFUL.
  7. The last speaker said, "The one thing I've learned in my 50 years is that we are put here on earth for each other."
  8. I believe it and I am honored to know you all and to read the pieces of your brains and hearts that you share with us.
  9. I felt a connection with Biz and I know many of you did as well. I hate that we didn't know the depths of her issues well enough to help. But maybe, as we continue to grow together and deepen in our knowledge of one another, we'll be able to lift each other up and encourage one another to keep going when things are shitty.
  10. Love you guys.
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