When reading Annie's lists, two things became very apparent. First, she is insanely cool and secondly, we would 100% be friends irl if proximity allowed. Here's why I think @annierennt is the tops:
  1. She is a professor!
    Dream job, much?
  2. She is co-dominant but chooses to write with her left hand!
    I've always dreamed of being a lefty. It's so exotic.
  3. She loves her sisters!
    Sisters are the best. 👯
  4. She is the third child!
    And a middle!!! Ditto!
  5. She has a resting nice face!
  6. She has a Type B personality!
    I feel like Type A people sometimes brag about being so and I get it, they get shit done, but they also seem a little miserable all the time???
  7. She went to film school.
    Try to think of a cooler thing. I seriously could not until I learned the next thing...
  8. She worked at National Geographic.
  9. She's lived in Ireland.
  10. Oh Annie. I just like you so much.
    Since we may never meet in person I made a few pictures of us hanging out!
  11. Here's you, @jillmarie , @justjills and me having a Galentine's Day breakfast.
    Yes I'm Retta.
  12. Here we are enjoying some wine, probably complaining about our students.
  13. Here we are in Paris! The city of (lady) love!
  14. : )