1. A list of all the things I love about you, a stranger in life but a friend through List App.
  2. I love your love of small towns!
    I love them too! There is something so comforting and comfortable about them. Your list really nailed it. Things I Love About Small Towns
  3. I love this picture of you with ET!
  4. I love your favorite actors!
  5. I love your musical tastes!
    Sam Smith, Adele and Chris Tomlin. 👍🏼 Music I'm Into These Days
  6. I love how you and your husband got together!
    Sweet and simple. How I Met My Husband
  7. I love your profile pic!
    Sweet spectacles, flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and ringlets for which I'd kill. 😍
  8. I hope this is your most magical Valentine's Day yet!
  9. 💚💚💚