And me.
  1. First two books
    Age 14: My aunt bought me these while we were on vacation in the Poconos. I remember reading while all my siblings and cousins played in the pool.
  2. Book three
    Age 14: After the Poconos my aunt took us to stay with my other aunt in Maine. I vividly remember sitting on her porch reading and thinking, "I never want this book to end."
  3. Fourth book
    Age 15: As soon as it came out I bought it but my family was going to the drive-in theater that night. I spent the whole night in the back of the car reading by flashlight.
  4. Movie one
    Age 16: I went on my first semi-sorta-kinda date to this movie. He was a close friend who I think has no memory of this event.
  5. Movie two
    Age 17: I was living in Paris when this came out. I made plans with a friend to meet at the metro station closest to the theater. It was pre-cell phone days and I waited downstairs in the metro for 40 minutes while she waited upstairs. Somehow we still made it to the movie???
  6. Book five
    Age 19: I have no memory of this book. I just looked it up and it came out the same month D and I professed our love to one another and started dating. Everything from that time is a dreamy blur.
  7. Movie three
    Age 19: I saw this in the theater several times. One of the times I went with my 17 year old sister. There was a group of college age guys laughing at everything Lupin said. Surprisingly, instead of making me livid it just made me laugh a lot too.
  8. Book six
    I got my wisdom teeth out and got to read this while recovering. 10/10 would recommend.
  9. Movie four
    No memories
  10. Movie five
    My bachelorette party was a group of my girlfriends and me going to see this on opening night!
  11. Book seven
    This came out a month after D and I were married. I ignored him for two days while I read. He felt tortured and I thought he was being needy until it was his turn to read it and I felt neglected for two days straight.
  12. Movie six
    Midnight release. Remember sitting there feeling very confused. Why doesn't Slughorn have a walrus mustache? Why did they cut the whole Merope/Morphin scene?? Why is the Burrow burning???
  13. Movie seven point one
    I have maybe never been so satisfied in a book-to-movie adaptation. It remains my favorite movie of them all.
  14. Movie seven point two
    Midnight release. I thought I'd be super sad when it ended but I just remember feeling kind of numb about it.
  15. Audio books
    I have so many memories of listening to the Jim Dale audio books: @justjills and I listening to book four and laughing our asses off on our way to Jekyll Island, GA. D and I listening to book five on our way to the Outer Banks where Ellie was conceived. Finally getting my hands on a copy of the Stephen Fry versions via my Canadian friend. Sobbing in my car over Dobby's death. Taking both hands off the wheel while cheering as Neville chopped off Nagini's head!
  16. Podcasts
    Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts and Witch Please keep the texts alive for me.
  17. Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    I was chosen at Ollivander's!! It was maybe the greatest moment of my life. Daniel hates when I say that. : )
  18. Harry Potter sites in the UK 🇬🇧
    Visited platform 9 and 3/4, Christ Church where the stairway was filmed and the Bodelein library which is the film location of the infirmary and the library!
  19. Tattoos
    No I don't have one. But if I ever got one it'd probably be from HP. The next biggest commitment I can think of is a bumper sticker and the Deathly Hallows sign is the only one I have.
  20. Harry Potter parties
    Every few years I host a party with floating candles, wicked trivia, butter beer and pumpkin pasties. The people who love this series are my people so these nights are some of my favorites ever. My favorite trivia questions: Is Crookshanks male or female? What would your Boggart turn into? Which Weasley brother would you most want to bang?
  21. These books are so damn formative to who I am.
    The lessons! The characters! The magic! Everything about them is so deeply woven into my life. I think I shall never get over them.
  22. ⚡️♡