I promise I am very cautious and discerning about whom I pick up. Only ladies and young people (mostly). I know it could be dangerous but I'd rather be overly kind than overly fearful.
  1. Quincy
    He's a kid who lives a few houses down from my parents. He's always walking somewhere. He's a teenager that I've known since he was a baby. This kid has stories. Stories for another list.
  2. Grocery lady
    Also in my parents neighborhood. You know when you have a ton of groceries but you want to bring them from the car to the house in just one go? That's what she looked like but she was walking from the store to her house! I drove her the last five minutes down the road. She smelled a little bad.
  3. Mexican Cowboy
    This was one of the few times I picked up a man. I was driving home from church on a gorgeous spring day. He was walking down the street wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a guitar without a case. He was walking to a pawn shop (many many miles away) to pawn his guitar in order to buy a ticket back to Mexico. He didn't speak much English but he did ask me to be his girlfriend a few times. He was sweet but I declined. I hope he made it home okay.
  4. Christian and Chris
    A mom and her two year old son. She was walking to the bus stop in the pouring rain. I had an empty car seat in my car that I knew her son could ride in. She was taking him to the doctor for an earache. She was from New York and did not like Charlotte. She was very nice.
  5. Broken Bike Guy
    My husband and I had one of our cars in the shop so I had to take him to work at Starbucks at 5:30am one morning. On our way we noticed a guy fixing a bicycle on the side of the road. On my way back by I knew I should pick him up because I had a bike rack on the car I was driving! It seemed too perfecta situation not to help out. He was a very redneck man on his way to his factory job. He showed me a picture of his grandson.
  6. Marcus
    My husband and I were driving and picked up a teenager walking on the side of a very dangerous road. Turns out it was the teenager who lived next door to us! He had a broken nose and was running away from home. I'm afraid his dad did it. We drove him to a friend's house. The family moved a few weeks later but I still think about him. Once while I was outside gardening he asked if he could have a cupful of dirt. He wanted to to plant a seed from the apple he'd just eaten.