Inspired by @ladyprofessor
  1. When I was 18 I moved to Paris.
    To attend the American University of Paris.
  2. While I was gone, Daniel moved home to take a semester off of school.
  3. His parents had started attending a new church, so he joined them.
    This was the same church where I grew up.
  4. Daniel became friends with all my friends.
  5. When I came home for Christmas break we met at a Bible study for college-age people.
    He says I was snobby and wearing a red hat. I've never owned a red hat(??) and have little to no memory of such a meeting.
  6. He also played piano and sang at the Christmas Eve service at church.
    I remember thinking to myself, "I could marry a guy like that."
  7. After Christmas, I flew back to Paris.
    We still didn't know one another by name.
  8. When I flew home for good in June, I invited all my best friends to meet me at Wendy's immediately after my flight.
    I guess I really loved Wendy's back then.
  9. My very best friend was hanging out with Daniel that day so she brought him along.
    I'm on the bottom left. Daniel is top right.
  10. It wasn't love at first sight.
    For either of us, I think.
  11. But that day started an intense summer-long friendship.
    Actually the whole college-age Bible study group hung out nearly daily. We'd see movies, play volleyball, eat at Moe's and hang out late into the night talking about life. It was such a special time in my life.
  12. At the end of the summer I went off to a new college three hours away.
    I had no idea that by this time Daniel was in love with me. I thought maybe he liked me and I think liked him.
  13. The day I left he sent me an email that basically said, "I like you."
    Texting wasn't a thing yet. Actually, I didn't even own a cell phone at that point.
  14. That weekend we went on our first date.
    Gah I'm leaving out so many details.
  15. We knew we wanted to marry each other by about month two of dating.
    Named our future children by month three.
  16. Instead, we waited three years until we were both done with undergrad.
  17. This July will be our ninth wedding anniversary.
  18. This August will mark our twelfth anniversary together.
  19. We're still best friends.