Warning: I'm not a perfectionist. If you are, this might not be the tutorial for you.
  1. Pick your art pieces.
    Some people like to have all the frames similar in color or style. Some people like to mix it up. Honestly, either is fine.
  2. Find a blank wall space.
    It should be pretty proportional to your pieces. You don't want small pieces on a big wall or huge pieces shoved into a tiny place.
  3. Lay the pieces out on the floor.
    I always start with the largest piece and then arrange all the others around this anchor piece.
  4. Try different arrangements until one feels right.
  5. This
  6. Could
  7. Take
  8. A
  9. While
    This is pretty subjective. If you have no sense of balance or don't trust yourself, ask a friend whose opinion you could believe but who you could also say no to. In the end, it's you who will be looking at that wall for years.
  10. Don't be afraid to leave some art out. You'll find a perfect home for those pieces later.
  11. When you think you've got the right lay out, get some hanging materials.
    I prefer these hooks. I forget what they are called but they do the job damn well. And they're easy to install; just push and twist! (twss)
  12. Hang the largest piece first.
    Putting a hole in your wall is kinda scary, but trust me! IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! Bite the bullet! Your naked wall will thank you for covering her with beautiful works of art!
  13. Then keep hanging your pieces in the layout you chose.
    Some people measure exactly to make sure all the spacing is perfect. Like I said, I'm not Type A so close enough is good enough for me.
  14. Oops. I didn't leave quite enough room to hang the hat where I wanted it in the center.
  15. So now I need to find something else to put there. Search the house. Find some art supplies. Make something???
  16. Hope it works???
  17. Keep trying things...
  18. Keep tweaking...
  19. Add a few small random things from around the house...
  20. Et voila!
  21. And now step back and admire your beautifully created art wall!