1. Wake up early-ish.
    9 will do.
  2. Drink a cup or two of coffee.
  3. Put on sneakers.
  4. Put your hair in a ponytail and bobby pin your bangs.
  5. Put in a Harry Potter movie.
    Or another movie you enjoy but have seen a zillion times so it's not necessary to actually watch it.
  6. Put your phone out of sight and try to forget that it exists.
  7. Do not make a list of things to do.
    It will never be pretty enough or be in the perfect order. It will only taunt you and cause you to lose momentum.
  8. Put in a load of laundry.
  9. Then start at the entryway and tidy things as you walk a natural path through your home.
  10. Do not sit down. Do not check your phone.
  11. Get a big trash bag and walk all through your house collecting the trash from other cans or night stands or countertops. Check coat pockets for tissues and candy wrappers.
  12. When you feel fatigued drink a glass of water and keep going.
  13. Switch laundry to dryer. Start another load.
  14. When the first Harry Potter movie ends put in another.
  15. Put on gloves and clean all the bathrooms in one go.
    Top to bottom. Mirrors, counters, sinks, showers/tubs, toilets, floors.
  16. Fold laundry straight out of the dryer and put it where it belongs.
    Do not get a basket involved post-dryer. If clean laundry touches a basket it will likely never come out again.
  17. Have a box or bag ready for things you no longer want.
    Throw in clothes, accessories, kid items, shoes, linens, etc. When a bag is full take it straight to your trunk to take to goodwill. Do not look back through it. Do not second guess yourself. Live by the 20/20 rule. http://www.theminimalists.com/jic/
  18. The goal is tidy enough not perfectly perfect.
  19. Vacuum last.
  20. Sit and bask in the glory of your clean living space that will last for approximately 1.5 hours.