Follow any, or in my case all, of these steps before your next meet up.
  1. Get very excited.
  2. Stress about whether or not you're going to read a list.
  3. Chicken out.
  4. Go to three different stores to find a plain black shirt you like.
  5. Have the busiest week of your life.
  6. Have several great ideas for lists you could read.
  7. Discard each of them.
  8. Take a shower.
  9. Follow the first rule of improv and decide to say yes to reading.
  10. Email your meet up host to tell her that you'd like to read.
  11. Start stress eating.
  12. Spill Taco Bell crunch wrap supreme nacho cheese on your new shirt.
  13. Lick it off.
  14. Have your toddler get sick at the last minute and crush your dreams of going.
  15. Have her make a miraculous recovery and restore your faith in God!
  16. Have a bad bang day.
  17. Have a small yet painful zit on the corner of your mouth.
  18. Leave work a tad bit early without clearing it with your boss.
    Chicken out of this too and ask permission.
  19. Drive away while your slightly sick baby sobs for you.
  20. Cry for the first 20 minutes of the four-hour drive.
  21. Question gender roles and wonder if you were a dad would this be a big deal?
  22. Write a list as a self-soothing tactic.
  23. Get excited again thinking about all the amazing people you're going to meet.
  24. Listen to the whole Hamilton soundtrack.
  25. Show up.