1. The third of four siblings
  2. Teachers
  3. Readers
  4. Dog haters
    Shocking I know.
  5. Sherlock lovers
  6. HP lovers ⚡️
  7. Southerners with minimal accents
  8. People who grew up poor(ish)
  9. Nerds
  10. Thirty year olds with college loans
  11. People who studied abroad in Europe
  12. Anyone who is exactly five years older or five years younger than me
  13. Anyone wearing glittery nail polish
  14. People who love to drive with their windows down
  15. People who love to sleep with their windows open
  16. People who don't lock their car doors
  17. People who can sit on the beach all day long
  18. Green-eyed people
  19. Freckled people
  20. Eagle Scouts
    I'm not one, but I love them and want to ask them a million questions
  21. Everyone really
    Especially after a glass of wine
  22. Babies
  23. Third graders
  24. Teenagers
  25. Women
  26. Bald men
  27. People whose family comes from Ohio
  28. People who call their grandma Nana
  29. Anyone who thinks spring is the best season
    Until summer rolls around and then they switch their answer
  30. Anyone with a birthday in April or October
  31. Anyone who thinks I'm funny
  32. Anyone who has a Shel Silverstein poem memorized
  33. Movie buffs
    I'm not one, I just find them easy to talk to
  34. Anyone with a crazy mother-in-law
    That is to say anyone with a mother-in-law
  35. Average looking people
  36. People who only have emojis in their profile bio
  37. People who love Richard Dreyfuss
  38. Extroverts
  39. Ambiverts
  40. Introverts
    I'm not one but everyone I love most is
  41. People who enjoy eating
  42. People who enjoy thrift shopping
  43. People who are hopeful
  44. People who like their eggs with runny yolks