1. 40% Hamilton
  2. 6% man I love April/spring!
  3. 10% worrying about summer camp sign ups
  4. 2% wondering how much money is in my bank account but being too scared/lazy to look
  5. 18% wishing I were asleep
  6. 1% wanting to watch Titanic
  7. 1% wondering how much it costs for Titanic DVD/BluRay combo pack at Best Buy
  8. 5% wishing I were pregnant
  9. 3% glad I'm not pregnant yet because it doesn't work out well with the school schedule
  10. 10% gushing over Ellie's cuteness while simultaneously dreading having to pack her next lunch for preschool
  11. 3% thinking about my students and how much I still need to do for the next class/day/unit
  12. .5% contemplating what I'd rather be doing than teaching
  13. .5% hoping no one is watching me do math