Just some good things I was all about this week. Apologies for the excessive selfies.
  1. My outfit today!
  2. This cake I stumbled upon in one of the other teacher's classroom
  3. Rock climbing with @DCB
    It's our new way to spend bdays and holidays.
  4. This adorable grater
  5. This adorable Obama bottle opener that @justjills brought me from Hawaii!
    I love his cargo shorts and how happy he is.
  6. That I gave Ellie an apple to eat in the car the other day and when she said she was done I reached back to get the core from her but this is all that was left.
    She's so ba sometimes
  7. Wearing two scarfs instead of one.
    Double the style, double the warmth
  8. Everything my kids shared today during morning meeting:
  9. "Their cat, Beyoncé, died."
  10. "On the topic of animals dying... I know of a dog who survived being put down."
    Then he described what it meant to put a dog down. "They dig a big hole and fill it with poison and they dropped the dog in. But he survived!"
  11. "That's just my sad lonely life: eating Doritos on my couch."
  12. "I'd drown myself in Doritos."