1. You know when you love a book so much you can't stop thinking about it and rereading it?
  2. And you want to convince everyone you know to read it?
  3. And you buy the audiobook so you can listen to it while driving and eating and cleaning?
  4. And you dream of hosting an epic book club with themed food, trivia games and deep discussion questions?
  5. And it kind of takes over your mind so much that when you are playing Scattergories you put down an answer thinking it's from real life but it's actually from the book and no one understands your answer so you don't get any points for it?
  6. Well I've already done all that so now I'm stepping it up a little and I'm going to try to convince you guys to read it and discuss it with me.
  7. Here's the book:
  8. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
    Don't dismiss it based on this insanely underwhelming cover.
  9. It's what ultra nerds would call "high fantasy" in that it is set in an imaginary world, is epic in scope and includes fantastical elements such as magic, evil forces and constructed languages.
    Think Lord of the Rings, Brandon Sanderson and George R.R. Martin novels.
  10. In 2008 it won the Locust Award for Best Fantasy Novel.
  11. My husband calls it "badass Harry Potter for grown ups."
  12. It's 662 pages.
  13. It's well-crafted, hilarious and heartbreaking.
  14. Several other listers have read it and love it too! (Anyone up for a reread?)
  15. So here's the plan:
  16. Read it please?
  17. And list about it please?
  18. That's really it.
    No pressure at all. If you hate it ten pages in, I promise I won't judge you. (Although I think you should give it at least thirty pages but whatever.)
  19. I should mention it's the first in a trilogy and the third book isn't out yet.
    Goodreads claimed the final book would be released in 2014 but Goodreads is a BIG FAT LIAR.
  20. The second book, Wise Man's Fear, is also amazing.
    Of course my hope is that you will fall in love and continue the series with me.
  21. There are also two novellas that are a part of the story: The Lightning Tree and Slow Regard for Silent Things.
    They are also beautiful and amazing in their own way.
  22. So, fellow fantasy fans, will you walk the road to Tinué with me?
    It's an allusion to something in the book. See the kinds of inside jokes and fun times we could have together if you read this book?!?
  23. There's no timeline or deadline and really this is just me shouting from the proverbial rooftops of my most beloved online world to tell you, stranger friends, that I love this book and think, perhaps, you will love it too.