In case any of you are having a dry spell.
  1. Watch a TED Talk and list your thoughts
  2. Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    Take a picture of each meal - I'd really love to see this from international listers!
  3. Rank the five senses
  4. Walk around your living space and take pictures of your favorite objects
  5. List about your parents
    Memories, weird ways they raised you, jokes they tell, their strengths and weaknesses, why you love them most, ways you do and don't want to be like them
  6. Try to remember all the books your teachers read aloud to you in grade school
  7. Pick any actor and rank their roles
    Suggestions: Hugo Weaving, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Idris Elba, Tim Curry, Zoe Saldana, Billy Crystal, Will Smith
  8. Earliest Memories
    This would be a fun open list
  9. List the five people in your life that have loved you best