Help! I'm trapped inside this tiny nutshell!
  1. Reader
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    My currently reading stack. Except not as much since I cannot stop listing.
  2. Wife
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    My adorable man is the only guy I've ever dated.
  3. Mom
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    Eleanor Blue Berryhill was born on April Fool's Day. Someday I will write a storybook about her.
  4. Teacher
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    I spend 8 hours a day with 8 eight year olds.
  5. Sister
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    My siblings and I get along so well. They're one of the deepest joys of my life.
  6. Daughter
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    My parents are completely ordinary and yet also completely extraordinary. I am so lucky to have been raised by them.
  7. Friend
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  8. Aunt
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    There is something uniquely wonderful about aunthood.
  9. Nerd
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    Harry Potter, Doctor Who, LotR, Narnia, Harry Potter and more Harry Potter.