Help! I'm trapped inside this tiny nutshell!
  1. Reader
    My currently reading stack. Except not as much since I cannot stop listing.
  2. Wife
    My adorable man is the only guy I've ever dated.
  3. Mom
    Eleanor Blue Berryhill was born on April Fool's Day. Someday I will write a storybook about her.
  4. Teacher
    I spend 8 hours a day with 8 eight year olds.
  5. Sister
    My siblings and I get along so well. They're one of the deepest joys of my life.
  6. Daughter
    My parents are completely ordinary and yet also completely extraordinary. I am so lucky to have been raised by them.
  7. Friend
  8. Aunt
    There is something uniquely wonderful about aunthood.
  9. Nerd
    Harry Potter, Doctor Who, LotR, Narnia, Harry Potter and more Harry Potter.