1. Helen Parr
    She's so real! Calls her husband to tell him she unpacked the last two boxes! (adorable) Encourages him when he's feeling unfulfilled in his job and then saves the freaking day by flying a jet and protecting her family with her amazing elastic abilities! Just the tops.
  2. Molly Weasley
    Takes in orphan boys and loves and feeds them like her own. Raised Fred and George. MURDERED BELLATRIX LIKE A BOSS. She is also the tops.
  3. Marmee March
    So beloved. So wise. She inspires her girls to be better but without nagging or bitching. She might be the best fictional mom ever.
  4. Linda Belcher
    She's so content. Loves her weird little life and family. Has endless enthusiasm for life. Enjoys reading. Honestly I felt the most connected with Linda when she turned their home into a Bed & Breakfast and went a little crazy. That's truly me in ten years.
  5. Static
    Just go read this list that @gwcoffey posted about her amazing wifeness and momness. MY FUTURE WIFE She's amazing and I don't even know her! (sorry if this is creepy...)
  6. Mrs. Parker from A Christmas Story
    I just love her. The way she covers for Ralphie after his fight. The way she gets Randy to eat. Her fashion sense and amazing curls. Just a top notch lady.