1. A few years out of college I worked at a chain book store.
  2. One day an older guy came in and asked, "Do you have the book UNIX for Dummies?"
  3. Only I knew nothing about computers.
  4. And I was a history major who had semi-recently read Montesquieu's Persian Letters.
  5. So the question I heard was, "Do you have a book called Eunuchs for Dummies?"
  6. I was mortified.
    Mortified that there was such a book and that this man had the gall to ask for it! What kind of monster is this?
  7. I was so baffled but went ahead and typed it into our computer system and said, "Yeah, I'm sorry, we don't have ANY books on that."
  8. He looked stunned.
  9. I was stunned.
  10. He left.
  11. That night I was snuggling with my husband on the couch watching Pirates of the Caribbean and this line was said:
  12. I immediately pop up and tell Daniel about the creep who came in the store that day.
  13. Daniel falls off the couch laughing and tells me that UNIX is a computer operating system.
  14. The next day I check the computer section of the book store and sure enough, there is a whole aisle dedicated to the UNIX system.
  15. Local
    So now this makes sense too.