Requested by Lexie


I've journaled for over a decade now but was looking for a way to spice it up and organize my life. I think this is working.
  1. I'm not great at making goals. Not at all measurable.
  2. Probs my favorite page
  3. The quote that changed my life.
    It's from this list 2017 intentions by @melasana
  4. Gratitude
    Example: last night I was eating pizza and wings at my mom's house and the place forgot to send ranch or blue cheese with my wings. When I mentioned it, my mom and sister both abandoned their food and MADE ME RANCH DRESSING FROM SCRATCH. I felt so loved.
  5. I'm watching less tv and more ted talks.
  6. You color in the books when you finish them.
  7. Uggghhh adulthood.
  8. Not really sure the point of this month overview page but I like the banner.
  9. Week view
  10. A random daily to do list.
    I was on fire this day.
  11. A random one
  12. Blank
  13. I'm really enjoying doing this. It calms me to make a page look pretty. I love having a place to plan the week, write meaningful quotes, record fun/happy events that I will want to remember forever.
    Thanks for the request, @lexie_elyse !