Everyone has one, right?
  1. Characters
    Me, age 9. My younger sister, age 7. My dad and his friend, Mark.
  2. Setting the scene
    An old farm set on a few acres. Picture abandoned wooden buildings sitting way back in a field of waist high, golden grass.
  3. Action!
  4. My dad and Mark decide to go explore the old farm down the street from our house. Mark has a brand new, four-wheel drive truck.
  5. My sister and I decide to tag along and hop in the back.
  6. As we drive through the grass on that warm summer day the truck gets stuck in some mud.
  7. Mark keeps pressing the gas, hoping in vain that it will magically become unstuck.
  8. The engine overheats and catches fire!
  9. Which then catches the grass on fire!
  10. There is a lot of fire!
  11. My sister, dad and I take off running back to the main road.
  12. We cross the street to the apartment complex and have someone call 911.
  13. Mark is still back in the field. My last vision was of him beating the fiery engine with a shirt.
  14. My next vision is of him walking out of the field with his head hung low. The smoking shirt still hanging from his hand.
  15. Mark is okay. He is heartbroken about his new truck, which was melted beyond repair.
  16. Fire engine after fire engine pulls into the field.
  17. My mom comes to get us.
  18. The field and buildings are almost completely burned down.
  19. No one is charged with anything because the buildings were to be demolished soon anyway.
  20. The field and farm were being replaced by a Walmart.
  21. That's the saddest part of this story.
  22. The End