1. Coffee
    Double tall white mocha. I drink half of it in the morning while it is hot. I drink the other half iced in the afternoon.
  2. Sneakers
  3. Running shorts
  4. Sports bra
  5. T-shirt
  6. Hat
    Hair is a distraction so up and away it goes
  7. Glasses cleaned and the screws tightened
    They cannot be falling off my face while looking down during all the laundry, sweeping, shoveling, vacuuming I plan to do
  8. Make a list
    A to-do list
  9. Have a water bottle or two handy at all times
  10. Pick a book to listen to
    HP 1, o' course
  11. Cleaning supplies out
  12. Candle lit
    Why have a clean house if it isn't going to smell nice?
  13. Yard work while the backside of the house is shady in the cool of the morning
  14. Let the baby play in the sand box, pool, watch a movie, and then take a nap
    Take a few breaks to play with her but mostly work around her
  15. Keep the laundry train going
    One load in, another load out. Wash, dry, fold ... forever and ever
  16. Water the plants
  17. Clean out the fridge
  18. Run the dishwasher
  19. Take out trash & recycling
  20. Counter tops THEN sweep
    I always do this backwards like a moron and end up having to sweep twice
  21. Make a list
    About junk drawers
  22. Get a big bag and wander around shoving in anything you want to take to Goodwill
    Throw it immediately in the trunk
  23. Craigslist a few bigger items
  24. Make another list
    This one
  25. Make a few meals
    Mediterranean salmon salad and beef & broccoli
  26. Do those dishes
    Unload the others and reload ... forever and ever amen
  27. Throw away a few toys that you hate
  28. Put away the ones you don't hate yet
  29. Clean out the vacuum
  30. Vacuum the steps
  31. When the baby wakes up from her nap, take her to the pool
  32. Eat dinner
  33. Watch an episode of Community
  34. Shower
  35. Bed