Inspired by @brynelle and @joemurphy
  1. Rewatch Titanic
    All the Leo talk during Oscar season got me thinking about it. Plus it's a damn good movie.
  2. Finish Parks & Rec
    Stopped around season 4??? Idk why.
  3. Listen to the Stephen Fry versions of the Harry Potter audiobooks
    First I have to obtain them. Probably illegally.
  4. Read a zillion more books
    Next up: Wildflower by Drew Berrymore (for book club)
  5. Get back on Pottermore?
    Not gonna happen. I really like the art, though.
  6. Purchase the forthcoming solo album by Steven Delopoulos
    His first two albums (Me Died Blue and Straightjacket) are two of my favorites.
  7. Finish West Wing.
    Oh man. I'm so embarrassed by this one. I promise I love this show so much. At least the first five-ish seasons that I've watched. I guess I just never want it to truly end???
  8. Watch Capaldi as Doctor Who
    I took a long time to process the fact that Eleven is no longer the Doctor. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm still not ready.