Kidding. This is us, oldest to youngest.
  1. Danny
    Has had a rough life but is still such a sweet guy. Dropped out of high school, was in and out of jail, changes jobs every few months, is a loving dad to my niece Lucy. He's 35 and I often wonder what he wishes his life was actually like.
  2. Rachel
    Biggest heart and biggest mouth. Was wild for years but now seems to be the most anxious, rule follower of us all. Is a powerhouse in a fancy corporate place even though she dropped out of college to be with her drug dealer boyfriend. She is now happily married (not to the drug dealer) and desperately wants to have babies even though she is terrified by the idea.
  3. Me
    Grew up blonde and kind of ditzy so was thought to be the stupid one of the bunch. Spent the rest of my life trying to prove to everyone I was plenty smart. Best driver of the four, but only because the others are so bad at it. Most easy going because middle child syndrome is real.
  4. Dana
    The prettiest, the wittiest and most beloved of us all. She went to school for restaurant management then married one of the best restauranteurs in town. She's an incredible mom and wife. I wonder if she's truly content with those being her main identifiers.
  5. Static
    Us at my wedding.
  6. Static
    Us at my little sis' wedding.
  7. Static
    Us at my big sis' wedding.
  8. Static
    Us as babies.
  9. I love them deeply. And what makes me happier still is that I like them all so much. I'm never happier than when we are all just hanging out together.