Inspired by @torihyndman
  1. Girl Scout lock-in fashion show - won an Esmeralda shaped bottle of bubble bath
    Second grade
  2. Spaghetti dinner raffle - prize was a sweet ass dream catcher
    Third grade
  3. Day care talent show - I sang my heart out to Hold On by Wilson Phillips
    Fourth grade
  4. Getting Ms. Schoen as a teacher twice in high school - she loved me and built my confidence to unflappable heights
    Tenth and twelfth grade
  5. Senior superlative - Best Personality
    Twelfth grade
  6. Having @classyAF as a best friend
    Middle school, high school and beyond
  7. Having @justjills as a BFF in adulthood
    College and beyond
  8. Marrying @DCB
    Age 22
  9. Various Halloween costume contests
    Between the ages of 23-30
  10. Ponytail canasta while playing boys against girls on the Berryhill fall vacation - prize is bragging rights for the weeekend
    Every other year between 2006-2015
  11. Having a Resting Happy Face™
  12. ~~~~~~
  13. Things to note: I've never been on a winning sports team and I've never won a fucking game of Settlers of Catan.