1. Bury a time capsule
  2. Take a trip to the closest national park
  3. Host a chili cook off in your honor
    Be the judge!
  4. Make a music video Rebecca Black-style
  5. Hire a magician
  6. Make your friends listen to Hamilton all the way through
    Occasionally pop up and rap the parts you've got memorized
  7. Go out for all-you-can-eat crab legs
  8. Host a free comedy show
    aka a li.st meet up
  9. Mari Kondo your house in one day
  10. Buy yourself the dream pair of shoes you've been wanting for years
    And then wear them to at least three different places that give free treats on birthdays
  11. Go strawberry (or blueberry or peach) picking
    Invite your three favorite people over to help you make homemade pies
  12. Go contra dancing
  13. Go to a museum and play the museum game
    Instructions found here: The Museum Game courtesy of @heyyoukid415
  14. Google the oldest cemetery in your city and go for a walk
    Contemplate life and death and maybe do some grave rubbings (not robbings)