We are fickle beings.
  1. It's so hard to believe in God.
    I mean, where is he? Why isn't he fixing things around here? Why can't I just see one miracle happen?!
  2. It's so easy to believe in God.
    I see him everywhere in everything in everyone! How else would everything be here in its beautiful complexity?!
  3. I'm so hideous!
    Why does it look like my nose and chin are trying to touch? My hair is mousy and half wavy and do I have acne or impetigo?
  4. I'm so beautiful!
    For real, I could be in Vogue or movies or catch the eye of Matt Damon.
  5. I hate apologizing!
    It's so hard and horrible. I'll never do it. I'm too much of a chicken shit. Apologizing is the worst.
  6. I love apologizing!
    It's great for character development. It lets the other person know how deeply I care for them! It's one of the greatest acts of love there is; to humble yourself and put someone above yourself.
  7. Life sucks.
    Ugh. The people. All the clothes in my closet. Cancer. Cold weather without snow. Working. Money(lessness). Meanies.
  8. Life is beautiful!
    The weather! The lovely people! Firefighters! Teachers and babies and trees and mountains and the ocean and art and music and fooooood!