Last night I hosted a Halloween party. Here are some reasons it rocked.
  1. Everyone who spilled wine spilled it on the linoleum, not the carpet!
    Myself included.
  2. Everyone had amazing costumes.
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    My friends are not too cool for school. And for that I am grateful.
  3. Someone brought a dip made in a cast-iron skillet.
    Because she knows I have a deep love for food made in such a glorious manner.
  4. There was a bonfire.
    How better to celebrate this fine fall season! And who cares that I'm the only one who ate a s'more?
  5. There was dancing!
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    You get to a point in your life when the wedding invitations stop flooding in, you realize you're too old for bars, and the only time you dance anymore is while driving. This is a sad time in life. But luckily, every once in a while, a happening party comes along and you get to dance your guts out once again.
  6. It was over by 11:15.
    To some that might seem lame but to me it was perfect.