Inspired by @jennyfricke
  1. Charlotte, NC
    Lived in the same room, in the same house from the day I was born until I was 18.
  2. Paris, France
    First year of college. Lived with a widow in a tiny but perfect Parisienne apartment in the 12 arrondissement. The most adventurous year of my life.
  3. Chapel Hill, NC
    Second year of college. Best dorm on campus. Another incredible year.
  4. Pineville, NC
    Third year of college. The traffic was murder but the cute town home and BFF roommates made it great.
  5. Charlotte, NC
    Last year of college and the 8 years since. Lived in another town home, an apartment, then my husband and I rented two rooms in a friend's house for three years and now we live in my dream house which mostly means it's a house with woods in the back that will never be cut down.