I'm an East Coast girl down to my bones but someone called me "Californian" the other day and I was Very flattered even though I'm not sure what she meant. Granola? Tan-ish? Anyway, here are some questions I have.
  1. Do you think your state is the best?
    No shame if you do.
  2. What are some stereotypes you've heard about East Coast people?
  3. Do people call it Cali?
  4. Can I call it Cali?
  5. What's the best part of living there?
  6. What's the worst part of living there?
  7. Does your life at all resemble Zack Morris' life? Don't forget to consider when he worked at the beach those summers!
  8. Does your life in any way resemble the lives of the original 90210 crew?
  9. Are you at all offended by the SNL sketch The Californians?
    Or do you think you laugh harder than people from other parts of the country who don't realize how spot on it actually is?
  10. What's your favorite movie or tv show set in your state?
  11. Have you ever found a really cheap flight to Hawaii? You seem so close!
    Relatively speaking
  12. How many times have you seen the Redwoods?
  13. How about the Sequoias?
  14. Do you know the difference?
    I have to look it up every few years.
  15. What would you say is the overarching feel towards religion?
    I've grown up in the Bible Belt and honestly I just need some perspective on having a different worldview than that.
  16. Did you know that California is bigger than Italy?
  17. Are there amazing thrift stores out there?
    I just imagine there would be.
  18. Can I come stay with you?