To help @francium collect her thoughts and bc I could talk about this book for decades.
  1. What actor do you think should play Kvothe in the movie/TV series that is being developed?
    I think Bingley from Pride & Prejudice (2005) but honestly anyone but Sam Claflin.
  2. Who's your favorite professor?
    Sure I love Elodin but Kelvin is my man.
  3. Who is your favorite female character? Devi, Mola, Fela, Auri, Denna?
    Devi is so ba and Auri so whimsical and Denna so frustrating. I like Fela but Devi wins for sure.
  4. How soon until you start reading Wise Man's Fear?
    I'll reread both the books as soon as book three has an honest-to-God release date.
  5. What do you think the saddest part of the story was?
    When Kvothe couldn't go into the archives for months and months.
  6. What are your thoughts on Bast?
    I HATE him but @DCB and @mbmurray23 think he's great??
  7. What other side character did you love most? Sim, Wilem, Old Cob, Ben/Abenthy, Manet, Chronicler, Trapis, Skarpi?
    I think about Trapis at least once a week. He's on a short list of characters that touched my soul.
  8. What part surprised you most?
    When Kvothe stepped off the roof of the Crockery.
  9. Do you think this series will have a happy ending?
    I just don't know. Of course I hope so but I'm sure some main characters will die in the end.