I got overly verbose because I am unequivocally obsessed.
  1. High sound quality
    Life is too short to listen to podcasts with less than stellar sound quality. I just can't do it. This one makes for easy listening. And I love the intro and outro music. Simple and HP-esque, just as it should be.
  2. Likable hosts
    Caspar is a British, 25-30ish male with a voice I could listen to all day. He has lovely insights and is great at making connections between the text and life. I was afraid I was going to hate Vanessa bc she sounds a bit vapid but actually I love her as much as Caspar. She has great depth and is killer at the thirty second recaps at the beginning of each episode. Lastly, he's in seminary and she's a chaplin but they both use those experiences to the benefit of all and the exclusion of no one.
  3. Seeing the text with fresh eyes
    Each episode looks at a chapter from the book through a particular lens such as commitment, fear, loneliness, generosity, etc. It has helped me see each character's motivations and actions in such a new light. I had never noticed before how committed Vernon is to protecting Petunia, both emotionally and physically, until now. It was shocking to feel something other than loathing for the man but welp, there it is.
  4. It challenges us to live a better, more meaningful life
    At the end of most episodes we are invited to use what we've read and discussed to help us enrich our lives in a meaningful way whether that means recommitting ourselves to past decisions or asking our parents and grandparents for their stories before it's too late.
  5. It is unapologetically earnest
    There is zero cynicism or jadedness and it is like nothing I've ever experienced. There is definitely a level of seriousness that seemed almost laughable at first, but then I found myself being moved by each episode, almost to the point of tears and now I pity the Amie of a few weeks ago who would have scoffed at the idea of letting herself be vulnerable enough to read a kids' novel as if it were sacred or informative for my spiritual self.
  6. I learn something new every episode
    As someone who had read and listened to these books innumerable times, it has been so amazing to have new realizations about the story! Example: Book one, chapter 3 is called Keeper of the Keys. It's when Hagrid comes to get Harry and he "unlocks" the secrets of Harry's past by telling him who is parents really were and how they died and he "unlocks" the doors to his new wizarding future by finally giving him his Hogwarts letter! Aahhh!!!
  7. The episodes are not too long.
    23-31 minutes. Perfecto. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  8. Static