1. The Fives
    Four best friends who are five years apart navigate life together in all its crazy stages. Pretend Girls and Sex and the City had a very wholesome, but hilarious, niece. That's this show. (Actually, I've never seen either of those shows so I could be way off on that.)
  2. An American Girl in Paris
    An 18 year old American girl moves to Paris on a whim to attend university there. This would take place pre-cell phone era. Imagine aol is still commonplace and no one has an inkling of skype or smartphones or handheld gps devices. She meets cute boys of all nationalities, eats just enough crepes and croissants to enjoy herself but not gain 20 lbs, lives in a tiny chambre de bonne at the top of a magnificent apartment complex in the 7th arrondissement.
  3. Teachers
    A show about the lives of teachers at an average suburban high school. Think Glee but less singing and more sexual tension in the teacher's lounge. Hot Mr. Economics hits on beautiful and witty Ms. English Lit all while Mr. Philosophy shyly pines away for her.