(I have a funny feeling this has been done before.)
  1. MySpace
    Your middle school boyfriend. You held hands on the bus once and everyone was talking about it for a week. You can barely remember his name now.
  2. Facebook
    You dated this guy because he seemed awesome at first. It seemed cool that he knew all your friends. As your relationship grew you realized he was too negative and too political and too loud. You quit him and never looked back. Your mom and middle-aged aunts loved him and still talk about him.
  3. Instagram
    The hipster guy you met at that acoustic show in that cool coffee shop. The lighting was nice. The (coffee) filters were nice. He was nice. Turns out he was a little too square for your tastes. You still see him occasionally but the butterflies just aren't there.
  4. Snapchat
    He's the hot guy at the book store who kept cutely looking at you through the aisles but then he'd disappear. You coyly smile back at him as you watch him leave the store. You see him climb in the back of his mom's mini van and it hits you that he's probably 16.
  5. Linked In
    The creepy dad of one of your co-workers who always tries to hug you.
  6. List App
    Could this be the one? He looks like David Tennant, he's so funny and sincere, he's passionate about the same things you are. You get mega excited when you see a text from him. You get hot and heavy really quickly and you hope you never grow apart.