1. On animal day I finally got to wear my gorilla costume.
    I definitely scared some children. And a few teachers.
  2. My students and I made a giant banner for the pep rally and I accidentally misspelled our mascot.
    I forgot the "y" and had to squeeze it in last minute.
  3. I played in a teacher vs student volleyball game.
    I can't figure out if I was the best player or the worst player.
  4. I sternly fussed at a kid who I thought was saying "fart fart fart fart..." because I'm always on him for using potty talk and other inappropriate language.
    Turns out he was pretending to be a dog and was saying "bark bark bark bark..." I apologized but still felt like an ass.
  5. It was a great week overall even though I was secretly pissed each day bc they traded my beloved wacky tacky day for beach day. Ugghhh
    Here's wacky tacky me from several years ago.
  6. Bonus: This time every year I dress up as the animal expert, MR. FAB, which stands for the five types of vertebrates: mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds.
  7. Now I'm at the beach for the day. Reading and eating and I'm happy.