Inspired by @idae
  1. Celebrated my niece's first birthday
  2. Hiked a mountain with @dancelittlejean
    My mouth was full of trail mix
  3. Planned Ellie's birthday party
  4. Accidentally showed up at the library just as story time was starting
  5. Thrift shopped
    I admired but ended up not buying this fish-covered couch.
  6. Drank a lot of beverages
    I just liked this pic.
  7. Enjoyed every beautiful day by hanging out in the backyard with this beautiful baby
  8. Facetimed these two lovies who were on top of a mountain in Hawaii
  9. Thrifted more
  10. Started and finished a new book
    The Ruby in the Smoke by Phillip Pullman
  11. Made a new gallery wall
  12. Made crepes
  13. Went to the farmers market
  14. Dyed eggs
  15. Grilled out
  16. Listed lots
  17. Back to school tomorrow.
    Keeeeell meeee