Every April I host a stargazing night for my students.
  1. First, I look up some space jokes.
  2. How do you organize a space party?
    You planet!
  3. How does the solar system hold up its pants?
    With an asteroid belt!
  4. What kind of music does the solar system love?
  5. Why doesn't the sun need to go to college?
    It already has a million degrees!
  6. Then I look up some space trivia questions. (Answers at the bottom.)
    How many humans have walked on the moon? Which is smaller: our moon or Pluto? Which planet spins fastest? Which is farther from Earth: the sun or Jupiter?
  7. Then I look up what will be visible in the night sky in April. We can usually see the two big constellations (Big Dipper & Orion), Jupiter and its moons, our moon and sometimes a nebula.
  8. I watch a YouTube tutorial on calibrating and aligning my telescope bc I forget how to do it every year.
  9. I pray for clear skies!
    The clouds went away soon after the sun set.
  10. This year a dad of one of my students brought his mac daddy telescope. It was incredible! We could see the bands of Jupiter quite well!
  11. I held my iPhone up to the eyepiece of my telescope and was surprised it worked as well as it did!
  12. Isn't our moon absolutely enchanting?
  13. At the end of the evening I pass out glow bracelets, starbursts and moon pies.
    It's always such a great night. 🌖✨
  14. ~
    Answers: 12, Pluto, Jupiter, Jupiter