Every year I have my third graders fill out a little form and we bury it around the school. It will be dug up in five years when they are eighth graders and graduating from my school. Here are the gems from this year's group.
  1. "The best thing about my life right now is I have some fort making skills."
  2. "If I could say anything to my 13 year old self I would say quit being a wimp and be a man."
  3. "Keep bleaving in yourself."
  4. I. C. U. P.
    Also, "beast friend" made me laugh.
  5. "When I grow up a want to be a kandukter."
  6. "When I grow up I want to work for my dad."
    It's funny because this kid's dad is my dad's boss. He really is a great guy.
  7. So many good things on this one:
    Fave food: Mac n cheese with tuna! What he would say to his 13 year old self: PANDAS! Best thing about his life: the year of faces. When I asked what that meant he said he was really focusing on faces this year. What they look like, how they change... I still don't get it but I love it.