I'm only listing this to pump myself up. I've accepted a new position as Summer Programs Director at my school. I've planned an incredible list of offerings BUT NO ONE IS SIGNING UP YET. And I'm stressing just a little (read: it's consuming my every waking thought and I may implode soon from the pressure).
  1. Intro to Fencing
  2. American Girl Doll Camp
  3. No-Bake Cooking
  4. Digital Scrapbooking
  5. Junior Master Chess Camp
  6. Green Thumb Club
  7. Bulls & Bears
    Middle schoolers learn the basics of the stock market!
  8. Sports Stats
  9. Volleyball
  10. Sports Camp
    With a LOCK-IN at the end of the week!
  11. Art Camp
    Visit local museums, galleries and a paint your own pottery place! Campers will also create a number of personal art pieces!
  12. Author's Club
    Campers will write, edit and publish their own hard-bound book!
  13. ~
  14. I've become somewhat paralyzed from fear that it's going to fail majorly.
  15. But at the same time I'm trying to see this as a chance to grow and learn and deepen as a person.
  16. Sure, I could continue just to be a classroom teacher for the rest of my life.
  17. It would be easy and comfortable and risk-free.
  18. Or I can try to create this exciting new thing for my school community which could lead to:
  19. new students and families joining our ranks
  20. more money for my family
  21. personal and professional growth for myself as I step into a leadership role
  22. Side Note:
    I'm also just exhausted each day after teaching AND I have a two year old to come home to and take care of and generally spend time with and change and feed and clean up after. I don't know if I have it in me to do the logistical aspects of camp that still need done (schedules, emails, staff training, budgets, etc.) {Confession: I'm also lazy and spend too much time on list app.}
  23. I hate the way I have let fear and laziness and self-doubt consume me.
  24. I want buck up and bear down and all those things that mean STOP WORRYING AND GET DONE WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
  25. All this is to say - prayers, vibes, and well wishes appreciated.
  26. If you're in a similar situation of being frozen by fear, may you rise up and conquer and be the badass that you are!