A helpful guide.
  1. Gift Cards
    You can pretty much never go wrong with gift cards. Caveat: please don't give me a gift card with an expiration date. I will 100% not remember to use it by then and you will have wasted your cash.
  2. Cash
    Yes. Just always yes.
  3. Pins
    NO. Have you ever seen me wear a denim jumper? I did not think so.
  4. A summer bag full of summer things.
    Cute thermos, floppy hat, big towel, maybe a fiction book you like all in a big tasteful 31 bag. I got this from a parent last year and I use every single thing.
  5. Travel Mug
    Yes, but please check that it's dishwasher safe and not handwash only. That makes me feel like you gifted me a daily chore.
  6. Ornaments
    This is more applicable during the holidays than end-of-year but I'm gonna say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I feel like it should be a no but I've gotten a few over the years and always love hanging them on my tree.
  7. Store bought cards
    No. Save your money.
  8. Handmade cards
    Yes. They are always loved and cherished.
  9. Candles, lotions, bath salts
    Generally, no. Unless it's a Woodwick trilogy.
  10. Candy
    No. You don't know what I like.
  11. Clothes
    No. Don't even try.
  12. A big hug and a heartfelt thank you
    Yes! Unless you're a creepy dad.