@DCB is a keeper, y'all.
  1. He always over tips.
  2. He makes me laugh all the time.
    Me: Guess who called me today! Him: CHO CHANG!?!
  3. He knows how sensitive I am and is very sweet and tactful when offering constructive criticism.
    This week he had the revelation that in the same way that he is selfish with money, I am selfish with my time. It's completely true and we are both working on it. 💚
  4. He is a great hugger/snuggler.
  5. He loves romcoms.
    Pride and Prejudice, Notting Hill, Love Actually and You've Got Mail are some of his favorites.
  6. He thinks I'm the best person in the world.
    He is wildly incorrect but it's nice that he thinks that.
  7. He's the best dad to Ellie.
    They adore each other.
  8. He lets me drive us everywhere.
    I'm a million times better with directions and he goes SO SLOW. Some men wouldn't like this but it works for us.
  9. He loves my friends so much.
    And they love him.
  10. He's smokin' hot.