Guys. I love you.
  1. My name tag. So li.stficial.
    Did I just make that up?!
  2. The set
  3. @mallofamanda was high queen hostess.
    We owe this magical night to her!
  4. Static
    Rocked it. And I promise never to call you a Leaper and will cut anyone who does.
  5. Static
    Serving up some park ranger realness.
  6. Static
    Ugh! Slay me with your sister story! Also, I just think you're the best.
  7. Static
    Solid hugger.
  8. Static
    Oh my gosh. An HP list was all I ever wanted. Thank you for delivering and for FLYING IN FROM FLORIDA. Also, you were a highlight at the after party.
  9. Static
    She brings the sweetness. I'm absolutely going to make you read at the next meet up.
  10. Static
    A tall drink of water. Probably sugar water. {Insert Independence Day gif here.} Did not disappoint!
  11. Static
    Exactly the comedic genius we all think she is. Sadly, she didn't smack anyone across the face and then gently kiss them on the forehead.
  12. @justjills and me laughing.
    There was a lot of laughing.
  13. Highlight of my life?
  14. We all fangirled so hard over these Murphys.
  15. Static
    Our night also included the amazing @olivziv @mollygayle @xoe @halima @julezbook @anasha and more!
  16. 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
    Apologies for the shitty quality pics.