Alternate title: My Biggest Fear
  1. When I was in third grade my teacher chopped off the top of her finger with a paper cutter.
  2. I am now a third grade teacher.
  3. I don't necessarily believe in karma or that history is doomed to repeat itself.
  4. (Except in this case.)
  5. I live with a deep fear that I will chop off the end of my finger with the cutter.
  6. But it doesn't end there.
  7. I'm afraid that a kid in my class will then grow up and become a third grade teacher.
  8. And one day she, too, will chop off the tip of her finger in the dreaded paper cutter.
  9. And then a kid in that class will grow up with the same fate.
  10. And so on and so forth into eternity.
  11. Until the earth falls into the sun.
  12. Or whatever that's going to happen happens.
  13. The past is obdurate.
  14. Maybe the future is too.
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