1. Invite not evite
    I've used evite in the past and yes, it's simple and easy but classy things are never that way. Evite equals lame. Same goes for Facebook event invites. Never cool.
  2. Dress code
    Not always necessary but a suggested dress code can add a certain glamour to your party. I threw a black, white and pink party for my friend's 30th bday and the pictures were 💯. We also required guests wear a little black dress for that same friend's bachelorette party and again, it was chic af.
  3. Speaking of pictures...
    Get a real digital slr camera going. iPhone pics are acceptable for instagrammed pics of your lame dinner but not for a momentous occasion like turning 28.
  4. One large decor piece instead of many small details
    I made a balloon arch for a party instead of having themed confetti. Think large art installation, like something out of an anthropology window display. Small details are nice but are time-consuming and hardly noticed.
  5. Food
    The more food the better. The less you as host have to do, the better. The more desserts, the better. The more dips, the better. Basically, food is good. Don't be an idiot and try to do lavish things all by yourself.
  6. Drinks
    Provide the wine. Request guests bring their own specialty drinks and beer if that's their thing.
  7. Plates, cups, napkins, cutlery
    Use the real stuff whenever possible. Yes, there will be more dishes to wash at the end of the night, but it looks better and keeps boatloads of paper products out of landfills.
  8. Lighting
    Keep it low. Twinkle lights and lamps and candles are great. Overhead lighting is for cafeterias and other places that suck.
  9. Music
    The "bachelorette party" playlist on Spotify is pretty perfect. Otherwise let your musically savvy friends hook up to your wifi and play their music through your Apple TV. Not too loud- until a great dance number comes on- then crank it and get to dancing.
  10. Dancing
    Never make it mandatory. Sometimes the mood just has to be right. Allow for the opportunity to arise and hope to the dancing gods it happens. (Fun fact: I will always dance to Black & White by Michael Jackson and Toxic by Britney Spears.)
  11. Games/Activites
    If you feel nervous about what people will actually do at your party feel free to have a few group games in your back pocket. I love Heads Up, Catch Phrase or Things in a Box. Similar to dancing, don't force this. Just offer it as a suggestion if things hit a lull.
  12. Cleanup
    Hopefully your party was one for the books! But now comes the arduous cleanup. If you are lucky, a few close friends will offer to stick around to help clean up. LET THEM. Everything is better with friends. Do as much as possible before going to bed. You'll be so glad you did.
  13. Now what to do with all those pictures
    Post them on your social media of choice. If it was an extra awesome party that you'll want to remember forever, I suggest you make a Shutterfly book. If it was a party for a friend's bday, wedding, baby, whatever- print a book for them and they'll love you forever.
  14. Party planning is an art. If it causes you more stress than joy, leave it to someone else.