Inspired by @online
  1. Breezes
  2. When your orchid sprouts a new leaf
  3. Back porches
  4. Having the whole day ahead of you
  5. Walking anywhere
  6. When you can see the moon during the day
  7. That week between ovulation and menstruation when your skin isn't breaking out
  8. Having time to take a leisurely shower
  9. When a crock pot meal makes the house smell so good
  10. Owning your first reliable car
  11. Getting back into reading after a funk
  12. Working for an appreciative boss
  13. The collective feeling of joy when autumn and spring begin
  14. A favorite t-shirt
  15. When the last bite of a meal is absolutely perfect
  16. When everyone you are on a trip with is ready to leave at the exact same moment